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Project audit

We all need a health check from time to time, and especially when we’re showing symptoms of sickness. Software projects are no different. If you are the sponsor or manager of a project about whose health you are concerned then let Syntropy Limited take a look at it.

Our consultants are highly experienced and completely independent. They will quickly examine the project and report on its state – and they won’t be afraid to tell you bad news if that proves necessary.

We don’t just diagnose. We also treat. Every project audit report contains specific advice on how to fix the problems found and guidance on improving efficiency for the future.

A typical 5 day audit involves the following:

Day 1 On site. Interviews with the project sponsor, the project manager and the chief architect / technical lead.
Day 2 On site. Interviews with other members of the project team. Demonstrations and walkthroughs by the team of work done to date. Collection of key project artefacts for offsite review.
Day 3 Review of project artefacts. Initial drafting of audit report.
Day 4 Creation of final audit report. Internal QA. Report delivered at end of day.
Day 5 On site. Presentation of report and discussion of its implications. Assistance with planning of project revisions.

The typical cost of a 5 day audit is £7,000 + expenses + VAT.

Why not call us today to book a health check for your project?