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Dispersed development

Accepted best practice for software development is to assemble your team in one room and keep them there until the job is done. But sometimes that just isn't practical.

Many organisations engage in multi-site development, with teams in different locations working together to deliver the overall system. This requires careful allocation of responsibilities, careful co-ordination of deliveries, and a common understanding of the project's goals and requirements. However, since each team is based at a single location the style of working adopted by each single location team can be entirely conventional.

A more extreme situation is where each member of a team is in a different location, and possibly a different time zone! This is what is called dispersed development.

Dispersed development somewhat resembles highly disciplined open-source development. It requires project processes that make team communications explicit, regular and reliable. It requires intelligent use of technology such as secure broadband communications, desktop sharing and strict version management to allow productivity equal to – or even exceeding – that of co-located teams.

Since 2002 we have gained valuable and scarce experience of setting up and running dispersed teams on three different development projects.

We can enable dispersed development in your organisation as part of our process design and implementation service.