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Project Monitoring

The best way to avoid problems in software projects is to keep a constant eye on them, give them constant attention. But it's often very difficult for those involved day-to-day to spot issues as they arise and nip them in the bud. Its a woods and trees thing. An external eye will often spot potential problems much earlier than project staff, especially when that external eye is a highly experienced software professional, such as the consultants at Syntropy Limited.

You can retain one of our consultants to work with your project long term to provide a weekly or monthly monitoring service. The consultant will regularly visit your site and discuss progress, review artefacts, assist with planning and, if you wish, take part in project meetings. Each visit will result in a project health status report that ensures you know exactly how the project appears to an external expert.


Project monitoring can do more than ensure success of your project it can help develop the skills of you and your staff. Project managers, architects and technical leads will learn from our consultants during the monitoring process, helping them improve their contributions to the current and future projects.

Call us today to discuss monitoring of your project.