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The founder of Syntropy Limited is John Daniels, well known around the world for his contributions to component-based design, object modelling and development processes.


Certain values inform all our consultancy work.

We value our independence. Although we have good working relationships with many of the key vendors, we have no formal ties with any of them, and we are completely free to advise and guide in your best interests.
We have no interest in pushing panaceas or selling slogans. We claim no easy answers and no packaged prescriptions. We will tell you the truth at all times, even if thatís not in our best interests.
We advocate agile development processes and test-driven development.

Agile processes
An agile process is one tailored to allow both rapid progress and easy changes of direction. It concentrates on removing obstacles from developers and minimising the number of project artefacts. It puts the customer in the driving seat for decisions such as system content and feature priority.
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Test-driven development
Test-driven development puts software testing at the centre of the development process. It requires that software be written only to satisfy a defined and failing test. It requires that testing be fully automated and repeatable. It has the effect of both avoiding unnecessary coding and of ensuring high quality code.
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