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Software development projects

Java on the Bare Metal of Wireless Sensor Devices: the Squawk Java Virtual Machine
Simon D., Cifuentes C., Cleal D., Daniels J., White D.
Proc. VEE06, International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments, 2006

Component-based design

UML Components
John Cheesman & John Daniels
Read about John Daniels' approach to component-based design in this book.

CBD: A Complete Worked Example
John Daniels
Tutorial slides.

Component Contracts
John Daniels
Presentation that explains the nature of contracts between components and their users.

Software project management

Optional scope contracts
Kent Beck & Dave Cleal
An alternative to fixed-price development contracts.

Down With "Requirements"! (pdf) (html @ ObjectMonkey)
John Daniels
Article about the production of useful requirements artifacts.


Software Architecture
John Daniels
Short position paper written for TOOLS Europe 2000.


Modeling with a Sense of Purpose
John Daniels
IEEE Software article on model perspectives.

Modelling in an Agile World
John Daniels
Presentation that looks at the role of models and UML when using agile methods.

Applied UML
John Daniels
Presentation that explains how UML is typically used in projects.

Steve Cook & John Daniels
Read about the method for which Syntropy Limited is named.