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The Sun SPOT project is an excellent case study of how Syntropy can deliver innovative software rapidly and to high quality standards.
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Software Development

We firmly believe that those who can, do. So the core of what we at Syntropy offer is hands-on, sleeves rolled up software development.

The same skills that go into our traditional consultancy services, such as help with designing architectures, processes, mentoring staff and auditing projects, are applied to our development projects.

This is true whether we're working in partnership with client development staff, or we're taking ownership of all or part of a software development.

We are able to put together teams of varying size from our network of highly experienced independent consultants. Syntropy can take care of growing and shrinking the project team to suit the different stages of the development process, and the client stays focused on their core business. Case study.

Our development style is agile and iterative, where we deliver software at the end of each short cycle. We also follow agile practices such as test-driven development, pair programming, continuous integration and frequent refactoring.

The benefits of this approach for our clients are:

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